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Daboll’s frustration often reached its peak mid-game over the coaching headsets, according to multiple sources, particularly during a significant 49-17 loss to the Cowboys on Nov. 12. His emotional outbursts during games disrupted his staff’s ability to manage effectively.

“It was difficult to focus,” remarked one coach.

Starting with the Week 11 game against the Washington Commanders, Schoen began monitoring the headsets from the box. The Giants’ general manager wanted firsthand insight into the game day operations to potentially assist in resolving issues.

Schoen remained on the headsets for four games, from Weeks 11 to 15, during which multiple sources noted a shift. However, after a loss to the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 17, Schoen abandoned the practice, influenced by superstition.

During this period, Martindale and his defensive team were aware of Schoen’s presence and used coded language to alert each other, according to sources familiar with the headset communications. Daboll, in response, became more restrained and muted.

The outcomes suggested a potential impact: the Giants’ defense forced 12 turnovers over those four games and allowed an average of 18 points per game. It evoked memories of a successful prior season for the team.

Reflecting on the previous year’s challenges, Schoen expressed a desire for learning and growth. Owner John Mara suggested Daboll might benefit from toning down his intensity. Daboll himself has emphasized the collaborative approach of his new coaching staff.

Throughout the spring, Daboll has focused on moving past the turmoil of the previous season, concentrating on preparing his team, which has undergone significant changes, for the upcoming season.

Star players like Barkley departed for the Eagles without a Giants offer, while safety Xavier McKinney secured a substantial deal with the Packers. The team redirected resources towards offensive linemen and acquired standout edge rusher Brian Burns through a sign-and-trade. Additionally, they drafted Nabers sixth overall.

“At the end of the day, we felt our resources needed to be allocated differently,” Mara stated.

Despite other changes, the quarterback position remains unchanged for now, with Jones slated to start the season as the No. 1.

Players have noted Daboll’s notably calmer demeanor this year. He has praised the communication within his new coaching staff and highlighted defensive coordinator Shane Bowen’s positive impact.

Daboll has implemented changes this offseason, including adjustments to scheduling, practice routines, meeting structures, and leadership dynamics. Notably, there has been an increase in team drills and a reduction in sideline presence to enhance football readiness by the season’s start.

The Giants revamped their weight room, adding a turf area to optimize space and provide players with the tools they need to excel, according to Daboll.

The most significant systemic change remains Daboll’s role as the playcaller. His successful track record in Buffalo as an offensive playcaller earned him the Giants’ head coaching position, and his ability to replicate that success will likely play a crucial role in his job security this season.

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