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The NSW Blues surged to a remarkable 34-0 advantage at half-time during Origin II, an achievement that highlighted the significant contributions of several newcomers to the squad. Among these impressive performances, halfback Mitchell Moses stood out with his dynamic play. Throughout the first half, Moses was a dominant force on the field, demonstrating his versatility and skill in various aspects of the game. He played a crucial role in setting up three tries for his team, two of which were the result of his precise kicking. This strategic use of kicks not only advanced the Blues’ position but also showcased Moses’ ability to control the game’s tempo.

In addition to his offensive contributions, Moses also excelled in his defensive duties. One of the notable moments was when he forced Tom Dearden to knock on the ball, a play that disrupted the opposition’s momentum and further solidified the Blues’ dominance. His defensive prowess complemented his offensive skills, making him an all-around threat on the field.

Moses’ kicking game, in particular, drew significant praise from rugby league experts and former players. His ability to deliver accurate and effective kicks under pressure was a key factor in the Blues’ success. One of the highlights of his performance was his involvement in Brian To’o’s second try of the night. This play exemplified Moses’ skill and vision, as he executed a well-placed kick that set up the try perfectly. Andrew Johns, a Blues legend and respected figure in the rugby league community, was particularly impressed by Moses’ performance. He lauded the Eels halfback for his exceptional kicking game and overall impact on the match.

Johns’ praise is noteworthy, as his insights and evaluations carry significant weight in the rugby league world. His acknowledgment of Moses’ skills not only validates the player’s efforts but also underscores the importance of a strong kicking game in high-stakes matches like State of Origin. Moses’ ability to perform at such a high level in a crucial game speaks volumes about his talent and preparedness.

Overall, the first half of Origin II was a showcase of Mitchell Moses’ abilities. His contributions were instrumental in the Blues’ historic lead, and his performance highlighted the importance of having versatile and skilled players in the team. Moses’ combination of offensive creativity, defensive strength, and precise kicking made him a standout player and a key figure in the Blues’ success. The praise from Andrew Johns further cements Moses’ status as a top performer and an essential asset to the team.

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