JUST IN: Buccaneers roster as been mark as one of the worst roster in the NFL according to………

As a new NFL season approaches, frustratingly, some things remain unchanged.

Specifically, despite their strong performance last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to receive disrespect from national media. Despite initially being expected to be one of the league’s weakest teams, the Bucs defied predictions, advancing all the way to the NFC Divisional Round.

Yet, this narrative persists as we head into training camp, with the Bucs receiving harsh treatment in national rankings. A recent example is ESPN’s assessment of the best NFL rosters heading into training camp. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay was ranked 22nd, second to last in the NFC South with only the Carolina Panthers ranked lower at 29th. Meanwhile, the Falcons and Saints topped the division rankings, although none of the NFC South teams received particularly high marks. This lack of recognition suggests little improvement from previous seasons.

While not strictly a predictive power ranking, this assessment feels close to it. Ranking the Bucs so low feels particularly disparaging, reflecting poorly on the entire team. There were some bright spots noted, such as the strong safety group, where Christian Izien was highlighted despite his demotion from starter status heading into camp. Izien, a standout from the undrafted rookie class, made significant contributions last season and is expected to contend for his starting role again.

Positive attention was also given to the offensive line as an X-Factor with noted improvements. Yet, despite these positives, the Bucs continue to be overlooked. Media attention seems fixated on other NFC South teams like the Falcons’ acquisition of Kirk Cousins, hailed as a potential Super Bowl game-changer, and perennial favoritism towards the Saints over Tampa Bay.

Ultimately, these rankings underline the ongoing uphill battle the Bucs face. Despite claims to the contrary, the NFC South remains Tampa Bay’s domain until proven otherwise. Before the Bucs can be rightfully cast down the power rankings, their crown must first be taken away.

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