GOOD NEWS: A division rival of the Buffalo Bills has been included on a questionable list heading into 2024.

The New York Jets have been the NFL’s laughingstock for what seems like forever. Despite their best efforts, the franchise is a complete failure and they never seem to be able to accomplish anything right. Even if they may have a little period of glory, the same tale ultimately comes to pass. The Jets have been working with general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh since 2021 in an attempt to make improvements. Like every other organization, the pair has made some good and some bad decisions, but they have the greatest pressure going into the upcoming NFL season of any duo.

The Jets were hoping to help Zach Wilson, who had battled greatly in his short career, develop as well as get into a win-now mode when they made the trade for Aaron Rodgers last summer. With Rodgers, some fans and commentators projected that the Jets would win the Super Bowl. There is a disagreement on paper, but when it comes time to play, it matters nothing.

Everyone is aware of the events surrounding Rodgers’ broken achilles during his rookie season last year. Considering that Rodgers was recovering from a serious injury at a young age, there was considerable conjecture that he might not have returned. With Rodgers scheduled to return for the Jets, the front staff is placing all of its eggs in one basket, hoping that this combination will pan out.

The Jets are, predictably, included in a Bleacher Report article by Brad Gagnon on the top five offseason regrets that teams might have. Gagnon stated that the Jets might come to regret committing to Rodgers a second time.

Since trading Zach Wilson to the Denver Broncos, the Jets are without a quarterback to replace Aaron Rodgers. As of right now, Rodgers and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor will both suit up for games this season as quarterbacks. Rodgers hasn’t competed at the same level as we used to see for a long. He’s no longer the dynamic quarterback he once was, even though he can still throw the ball well. It will get increasingly harder for him and the Jets if it is added to his recuperation from a serious injury.


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