Braves Update: Dylan Lee returns to the team, potential draft picks, a recent late-game loss, and more.

Dylan Lee’s absence from the majors was very short-lived, just as AJ Smith-Shawver’s return was very short. Meanwhile the draft is nearly upon us and the Braves may have some intriguing options available. It may be a bit unlikely, but I have seen it in at least one place, so I would really love to see Seaver King out of Wake Forest join the Atlanta system as a really good athlete with the potential to play shortstop, with some significant offensive upside. The future (and present) of the shortstop position is one I am watching closely, as Orlando

Arcia is not a great option and is really struggling right now. Nacho Alvarez is one of Atlanta’s top prospect, but his defense may not be great and he has some very real offensive questions, especially in aligning with Atlanta’s hitting philosophy. I think Nacho may be more likely to be trade bait than the future of the position in Atlanta. Ambioris Tavarez could perhaps be the future, and was seemingly turning an offensive corner this season before injury struck. I would like to see the Braves come out of the draft with a shortstop who has some real upside, even if it isn’t a guy like Seaver King in the first.

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