GOOD NEWS: Boston Celtics Announce the Signing of Another Highly Talented and Experienced Superstar Player From…

The Boston Celtics’ blockbuster deals significantly alter the odds of winning the NBA Championship. However, the majority of the Association rarely notices trades made by the majority of other teams.

Let’s go into the DeMar DeRozan trade. In order to acquire DeRozan, the Sacramento Kings agreed to a sign-and-trade deal on July 6. In exchange, the Chicago Bulls received two second-round draft picks, cash, and forward Harrison Barnes, along with an unprotected 2031 pick, from the San Antonio Spurs, and guard Chris Duarte.

Jay King of The Athletic expressed his dissatisfaction with the agreement, calling the Kings’ new core’s potential “mediocrity at best.”

“Sad to know that these same fans will eventually realize Fox-DeRozan-Sabonis-Monk is a comical fit and destined for mediocrity at best,” King wrote on X.

This offseason, King has questioned deals before. Alongside Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and CJ McCollum, King tore up the lineup after the New Orleans Pelicans acquired Dejounte Murray.

“Don’t know if the Pelicans are done dealing but pretty sure you couldn’t dream up a worse fit than Murray/McCollum/Ingram/Zion,” King said.

Teams are building rosters to defeat the Boston Celtics in the 2024 summer.
To be the best, you have to defeat the best, as “Nature Boy” Ric Flair once stated. Teams are building their rosters with the goal of defeating the Boston Celtics, who are currently the best club in the Association.

The most well-known is the Philadelphia 76ers. Acquiring Paul George on board is one thing, but bringing on infamous Cs provocateur Caleb Martin exposed the plot clearly. The same is true of Mikal Bridges joining the NY Knicks.

The Celtics are a little less of a priority out west, but Sacramento grabbed DeRozan and NOLA acquired Murray in the aim of building championship-caliber lineups.

It’s another matter entirely whether or not they leave any trace.

Boston Celtics reveal their Summer League roster, which is stacked.
On July 9, 2024, by Ben Grunert
Celtics in Summer League play are quite strong.
The Celtics in the Summer League are loaded / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics are the newest NBA champions, having won the title in June, but their supporters will have a new club to support this summer. The Boston Summer Celtics are officially packed after the team’s complete roster for the NBA 2K25 Summer League in Las Vegas was revealed.

The summer roster for Boston is stacked with quality, led by a number of guys that are already on the Celtics. The following recent Banner 18 champions will suit up for the Celtics this summer:

Davison, J.D.

Peterson, Drew

Queta Neemias

Springer, Jaden

Jordan Walsh

The Celtics have normal contracts with Walsh, Springer, and Queta. This offseason, Peterson and Davison both resigned from two-way contracts. With the same team, Davison will begin an uncommon third straight season on a two-way deal. Evidently, the young point guard who dominated the G League the previous season still has something the Celtics see in him.

Few Summer League teams have the kind of NBA experience that the Boston Celtics will have when they play in July. As Boston looks to develop the defensively gifted 20-year-old into a true two-way threat, fans should anticipate seeing Walsh play a significant amount of minutes. Walsh can blend in perfectly as a 3-and-D role player to support players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown if he works on his jump shot.

Rookies from the Boston Celtics could be notable
The remaining players on Boston’s summer league roster are as follows:

Tyler Cook

Enaruna Tristan

Ron Harper, Jr.

Jaelen Residence

Jahmi’us Ramsey

Baylor Scheierman

Tillie Killian

Anton Watson

Watson and Scheierman are notable choices for Boston in the 2024 draft. Scheierman, who was selected No. 30 in the draft this year, might be the most intriguing component of the Summer Celtics roster. The adaptable forward spent five years honing his craft in college, positioning himself as one of the most NBA-ready prospects available when he joined the league.

Scheierman has a superb shooting touch; during his collegiate career, he shot 39.0% from three. In addition, he possesses a diverse skill set and an aptitude for making contributions in several aspects of the game. As the only Division I player in history to amass career totals of 2000 points, 1000 rebounds, 500 assists, and 300 threes, the former top player of Creighton established NCAA history.

Watson, a fellow rookie, was selected by the Celtics with the 54th overall pick, and he and Scheierman have already developed a good rapport. Watson played for Gonzaga. Watson played all five years of college, much like Scheierman. Out of 149 games, he won an amazing 130 for Gonzaga. As per Taylor Snow, both rookies were avid Red Sox supporters growing up.

Speaking with Boston media, Scheierman discussed his rookie bond with Watson and how their shared collegiate experiences had strengthened their bond.

We’ve been in college for a few years, so we’re close in age. It’s good and means a lot to have someone who understands what you’re going through and is readily available to chat about anything.”

– Baylor Scheierman

Scheierman brings the overall number of Summer Leaguers with places on the 2024–25 Celtics roster to six. Watson will try to reach seven by agreeing to a two-way contract with Boston.

Watson described being drafted by the Celtics as the “best day of my life” at his most recent press conference. The agile forward shot 41.2% from downtown in his final year in college. He has the defensive build and IQ to guard numerous spots.

Sons of NBA champions might make for interesting narratives.
Two young players with “championship DNA,” to use the phrase in its most technical sense, have joined the Summer Celtics. The five-time NBA champion Ron Harper, best known for running point next to the legendary Michael Jordan, is the father of Harper Jr. Eddie House, who won the 2008 NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics, is House’s father and a famous basketball analyst today.

In the first two years of his NBA career, Harper Jr. was signed to a two-way contract with the Toronto Raptors. In the G League two seasons prior, the 24-year-old averaged 17.3 points, 1.2 blocks, one steal, and 50.1% shooting from the field. He only participated in one game the previous season before needing shoulder surgery that ended the season.

Harper Jr. has shown a lot of promise when healthy. At six feet six, he possesses strong playmaking abilities that he honed in his first season in the G League, along with a strong defensive drive. Harper Jr.’s quickness and mobility allow him to play a variety of wing positions.

After five years of collegiate ball for Arizona State and New Mexico, House was not selected in the draft. Eddie’s son has made waves in Las Vegas so far, despite a poor 37.4% shooting percentage that marred his 15.9 points per game as a super-senior.

Scheierman paid House a great praise on his motivation and work ethic. Scheierman described House as the player during Summer League training camp who is the most competitive, except himself.

On July 13, the Celtics will take on the Miami Heat in the first game of their Summer League. From July 15–19, they will play three more games, including games against the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Boston’s brilliant lineup, with its wealth of experience, promises a scorching Summer League from the defending champions.

Paul Pierce, a fellow Cs great, has garnered substantial appreciation from a Boston Celtics legend.
Written on July 9, 2024 by Jeremiah Artacho
Robert Parish expressed gratitude Paul Pierce’s methodology
Paul Pierce received glowing remarks from Robert Parish | Scott Eisen/GettyImages

After 19 seasons of NBA play, Paul Pierce only won one championship in 2008—the final one the Celtics earned before they defeated the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the 2024 Finals this past June.

Legend Robert Parish calls Pierce the “greatest offensive player” in the organization, despite the fact that he has less rings than two-time champion Jrue Holiday and the same number as Jayson Tatum.

Parish declared, “I think he was the greatest offensive Celtic ever” (source: Yahoo Sports).

“I simply believe Paul had greater originality. Compared to John Havlicek and Larry, he was a superior scorer. In my opinion, the greatest offensive players the Celtics have ever had were Larry, John Havlicek, and Paul. Paul is at the top of that list, in my opinion.

With all of the outstanding talent that the Cs have ever had, it says volumes that Parish came out with that comment. He brought up Larry Bird and John Havlicek, two players renowned for their explosiveness while putting the ball into the hoop.

Parish established himself as a true great by winning three rings of his own with Boston.

In the current Boston Celtics basketball era, who has the potential to be the “greatest offensive player”?
Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown will probably have the answer because they possess an uncanny ability to make baskets when it matters most. It’s difficult to argue with anyone else’s response.

In addition, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were a long-running tandem until Tatum and Brown joined. But that came to an end on July 1st when he signed a $50 million, three-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks, capping a 13-year career.

Who will end up being the “greatest offensive player” in Boston Celtics history is a question only time can tell.

Parish might be correct after all, who knows.

There has been no change in the Boston Celtics’ 2024–25 title odds due to free agency.
Fortunately, it seems that the Celtics have the advantage in the odds department.
Written on July 9, 2024 by Jeremiah Artacho
The Boston Celtics remain the overwhelming favorite to win the 2025 championship.
In 2025, the Boston Celtics remain the overwhelming favorite to win the championship | Mike Lawrie/GettyImages

The success of the Boston Celtics’ front office can be attributed to Brad Stevens, who has made numerous moves in the organization. While the Philadelphia 76ers’ acquisition of Paul George is one example of how other front offices have been making some noise, the New York Knicks acquired Mikal Bridges through a trade.

The goal for both clubs is to unseat the Cs as the Eastern Conference’s dominant squad. But it’s easier said than done.

The odds are being determined concurrently, and Boston has the best odds of any team.

“As the 76ers (+400) and Knicks (+450) hold the second- and third-best odds to win the East, the Celtics are ahead of the pack with +150 odds to win the conference on DraftKings Sportsbook as of (July 7),” Conor Roche of began by stating, “The Celtics’ odds to win the conference have an implied probability of 40 percent and are similar to the odds they had to win the conference for much of last season.”

Although the C’s odds are unusual when compared to those of the 76ers and Knicks, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from the fact that they still need to play basketball in order to get the desired outcome.

What are the Boston Celtics’ chances of winning the NBA Finals?
Even though Banner No. 18 is safe, the work is not finished. Since they’re at the top, Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the entire organization undoubtedly want to maintain the trend and keep it focused on odds.

Boston’s odds, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are +295.

The following highest? 76ers at +800.

The Celtics are in their own world regardless of the environment, so there’s no difference. They seem unbeatable whether they’re in the front office, on the court, or in the numbers.


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