BREAKING NEWS : New York Jets Encouraged to Trade for Star Playmaker “If They’re Really Serious”

The New York Jets know exactly what it means for them going into the 2024 NFL season. Entering his 41st season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers—a future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and four-time NFL MVP—is recovering from an Achilles tendon tear in 2023. The Jets may be in serious trouble if Aaron Rodgers is unable to reach his 2021 level of performance (2022 Rodgers was not very good for the Green Bay Packers), or at least not quite there.

Aaron Rodgers follows in Tom Brady's footsteps, announces how many years he has left in the NFL | Marca

In fact, Rodgers stated, “Well, I think we’re all probably gonna be out of here (next season) if I don’t do what I’m capable of doing.” Rodgers uses the term “all” to refer to himself, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, head coach Robert Saleh, and maybe general manager Joe DouglasJets' Joe Douglas not about to make playoff prediction

This season, the New York Jets have added a number of notable offensive players.

With Rodgers at quarterback, the Jets know they have a limited window of opportunity to win, so this summer, they made a number of important roster moves to put themselves in the best possible position.
To safeguard Aaron Rodgers’ blindside, they signed eight-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith back in March, luring him away from the Dallas Cowboys. To bolster their wide receiver room, the Jets signed former Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams the very next day.

Williams, like Rodgers, recently had a serious leg injury after tearing his ACL in the Chargers’ opening game of the previous campaign. Of course, he may return and be even more effective than before, but there are still a lot of unanswered issues about the offense.

Is Rodgers’ Achilles still there? Have they made enough progress with their offensive line? In the passing game, do they have enough weapons?

NFL Analyst: Brandon Aiyuk Should Be Traded by the New York Jets “If Their Seriousness Is True”It remains to be seen if the aforementioned signings, along with others, will be sufficient to assist New York in making its first trip back to the NFL Playoffs since 2010. The troubled wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk of the San Francisco 49ers is someone the Jets should trade for if they are serious about winning with Aaron Rodgers, according to NFL analyst Marcus Mosher of The 33rd Team:

The Jets did improve their No. 2 receiving spot this offseason by choosing Malachi Corley in the second round of the draft and acquiring Mike Williams via free agency. However, Corley is more of a gadget player than an every-down receiver, and Williams is recovering from an ACL tear. Could the Jets make a major move for Aiyuk and team him up with Garrett Wilson to form perhaps the greatest wide receiver combination in the league?

“New York can easily free up some money with a few restructures, but they don’t currently have the cap space to close a trade. Why not go out and acquire the finest receiver available to make the offense even more potent if the Jets are truly all in for this season?

“It may seem excessive, but given the small window, it might not be a bad idea to think about.”

Mosher acknowledges the impracticality of such a step. He does, however, raise a valid argument. Why not go big if the Jets are truly all in for what may be their final season with a quarterback who is sure to go to the Hall of Fame?

In addition, acquiring Aiyuk might entail giving him a contract extension, giving the quarterback in New York who follows Aaron Rodgers two elite wide receivers to pass to.


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