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The Boston Bruins are set to feature an exceptionally entertaining group of forwards for the 2024-25 season. Their strong performance in the regular season over the past two years owes much to their forward unit’s effectiveness. With what could be their best assembly yet for the upcoming campaign, the question looms: could this be the year they make a deep playoff run? The answer hinges on whether their top centers and wingers can elevate their game to new heights. Today, we’ll pinpoint those key players.

Who holds the coveted No. 1 spot in our rankings, and what qualities make them indispensable to the Bruins’ success this season? Before revealing that, let’s first examine the contributions of those lower in the unit who will still play crucial roles for Boston.

Patrick Brown, who has played 149 games over eight seasons and had 11 appearances with the Bruins last year, is likely to compete for playing time alongside Oskar Steen and Vinni Lettieri. Steen, though primarily an extra who typically logs around 10 minutes per game, provides significant value to the physical style favored by the Bruins. Lettieri, who appeared in just one game with Boston in 2022-23 but played 46 games with the Minnesota Wild last season, will likely see limited ice time but can excel in a checking role.

Mark Kastelic, another physical presence acquired from the Ottawa Senators, may not see more than 10 minutes per game, but his robust playstyle and impressive 56.3% career faceoff win rate add depth to Boston’s lineup, particularly on the lower lines.

While Kastelic and others in supporting roles might not dominate the stat sheet, their contributions are vital to maintaining the Bruins’ physical identity and providing stability throughout the lineup. This depth and diversity among forwards position the Bruins well for the challenges of the upcoming season, promising an exciting campaign ahead for Boston fans.

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