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The summer’s “dog days” are here. It’s time to start summer vacations now that the NHL Draft, free agency flurry, and development camps have all concluded. October won’t be here for long, and it’s never too early to look at possible lineups.

Spending heavily this offseason, general manager Don Sweeney acquired defenseman Nikita Zadorov and center Elias Lindholm. Additional depth adjustments were performed, however it brings up potential lineup configurations.

One may make a compelling argument that the Bruins are a stronger club now than they were when the 2023–24 season started. They still have the goaltending to be a strength, and they are deeper on both ends of the ice. We can examine potential starting lineups for opening night based on the assembled roster. The Bruins should have a significant competitive advantage since the forward group is deeper.

Line 1: David Pastrnak, Pavel Zacha, and Elias Lindholm
Top centers don’t just appear out of nowhere or happen frequently. Before the 2023–24 regular season concluded, two more well-known centers joined with their respective teams. Sebastian Aho remained with the Carolina Hurricanes, but Elias Pettersson inked a huge contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks. Not that the Bruins would go for such players, but both have established themselves as the team’s primary centers. The Bruins then had to change course and add Lindholm. With the addition of their best center, the Bruins improved as well. Lindholm’s probable venue for the game has already been disclosed by Sweeney.

Lindholm has previously demonstrated his ability to be a legitimate number-one center. He was a point-per-game player in the 2021–2022 campaign, which was his greatest season. He was surrounded by Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk, and the three of them developed into one of the league’s most explosive lines. Collectively, they averaged 4.48 goals every 60 minutes and scored 72 goals, more than any other line combination. It is just amazing. Nevertheless, Lindholm’s output has decreased since then. Now that he’s playing with Pastrnak, he has an opportunity to get his productivity back on track.

The Boston Bruins are attempting to capture lightning in a glass. For instance, the Bruins traded for Pavel Zacha in a one-for-one deal with the New Jersey Devils in order to get younger. Zacha was fortunate enough to play alongside David Krejci and Pastrnak, two of his compatriots. The outcome was two career years, one in 2022–2023 and another in 2023–2024. There are advantages to playing with Pastrnak, and Lindholm might gain from it.

Almost half of Lindholm’s assists this season were main assists, demonstrating his skill as a playmaker. His proficiency in the faceoff circle is a significant advantage for the Bruins. He ought to be used in crucial circumstances and would generally improve the team’s puck possession percentage. Pastrnak just finished his second season with 100+ points and 47 goals. Zacha is more comfortable playing on the wing now than at center, and the Bruins have more alternatives for the other lines as well. Although the Bruins’ top line has a new appearance, you should also keep a watch on their second line.

Line 2: Brad Marchand, Charlie Coyle, undisclosed
This season, everyone will be watching training camp. There’s a hole on the second line as the Bruins watched Jake DeBrusk skate into Vancouver and sign a long-term contract with the Canucks. Sweeney has previously declared that he will provide the place to a rookie. Those players are probably going to be Geogii Merkulov and Fabian Lysell.

Lysell has developed further while playing with the Providence Bruins. He scored 37 points and scored 14 goals in the 2022–2023 campaign. He was able to improve upon his performance this season. He saw a noticeable improvement in his game as he scored one more goal and increased his point total to 50. His coach had called him out in December, but he turned things around. For Lysell, it will be a crucial camp as he tries to convince the Bruins that he is prepared to move on. Lysell is a powerful offensive player who creates opportunities with his talent and quickness. He is not the only one vying for this position, though.

Merkulov has just had two consecutive successful seasons with the Providence Bruins. He finished 2022–2023 with 24 goals and 55 points. It’s encouraging to see an increase in production because he took his game to the next level and scored 30 goals and 65 points. He played in four NHL games, giving him a tiny taste of the league. The addition of a potent offensive threat is very advantageous for Coyle and Marchand.

Marchand and Coyle both spent time together in the 2023–2024 season. It was the first time Marchand would play alongside a player other than Patrice Bergeron in a very long time. The two were out-chanced and out-possessed when it came to puck possession, but their goal differential was still positive. To achieve even more success, hiring a top composer could be quite beneficial. Marchand and Coyle shown their ability to generate. Marchand had a terrific season with 67 points, while Coyle had a career year with 25 goals and 60 points. They are strong players on both ends of the rink who also have a defensive mindset. Having a scorer to get more open ice is a huge plus for those two, since they specialize in high-danger situations and puck fights. The Bruins are uncertain about the source of the additional layer of scoring as the season approaches. It will be very beneficial for the club if someone takes the lead.

Line 3: Trent Frederic, Morgan Geekie, and Matthew Poitras
We now play in a league where the majority of centers can play wings. This trio makes that clear because they can all play two positions. There is a little bit of everything in this range as well. Strong forecheckers who put forth a lot of effort along the boards are Morgan Geekie and Trent Frederic. Of the three forwards, Matthew Poitras is the most talented and versatile. In actuality, this line played well together and spent a lot of time together.

Although they were only together for 39 minutes, they were productive within that time. Possession of the puck was split 50/50 while both players were on the ice. They created plenty of scoring opportunities and as a line, they scored at the precise pace that was predicted of them. However, as a line, they balance each other out and provide the Bruins with a strong third line.

Geekie just finished his career with 17 goals and 39 points. Frederic followed suit, showing off just how deadly his shot could be. He has developed into more than the fourth-line bruiser Bruce Cassidy used to have him play. Poitras was a formidable and developing force who was expected to make a full recovery from his injuries in the upcoming season. Given the abundance of possibilities, the fourth line continues to be the most challenging.

Line 4: Max Jones, John Beecher, and Mark Kastelic have all demonstrated a consistent ability to uncover profound depth. The Bruins will have a ton of alternatives on the fourth line entering the 2024–25 campaign. Additionally, players like Trevor Kuntar who might be vying for a roster position are not included in this. Although this line hasn’t played together yet, every player offers something that might work well together.

A significant plus for the Bruins is Beecher’s faceoff prowess. He was the second-best player on the Bruins in 2023–2024, with a 54.6 Faceoff win %. He was the ideal depth piece for the fourth line. Beecher is a quick player with enough skill to be a fourth line regular. In addition, Beecher adds strength to the lineup—he finished with 112 hits. He’s not the only difficult client, though.

As part of goalie Linus Ullmark’s return, Kastelic joins the team. With just 10 points in 63 games, he won’t blow you away with scoring. He is just another physical presence that will not hesitate to defend his teammates. The Bruins become more formidable opponents despite adding more grit to their squad. It’s safe to assume that Sweeney borrowed a strategy from the Florida Panthers. Kastelic is another expert in faceoffs; in the 2023–24 campaign, he finished with a 54.4% success percentage.

Another outstanding addition to the Bruins’ depth is Max Jones. He has demonstrated his ability to add offensive depth and chip in. Despite having 15 points in the 2023–24 campaign, he came in seventh place among Ducks skaters with nine predicted goals. Jones is a strong attacker who plays with outstanding speed. Furthermore, he concluded with 17 takeaways, demonstrating his defensive responsibility. Playing against this well-rounded fourth line will be very difficult. Not to mention Justin Brazeau, who had a ton of potential when playing for the Bruins. This club is deeper than it was the previous season and has improved overall.

Never Write These Bruins Off
Compared to previous season, this Bruins squad is very different. Each line is well-rounded, and the squad has a lot more depth. There’s uncertainty about who will play on the second line, but there’s no denying that the roster lacks depth. By giving Lindholm more value, Sweeney made it possible for other players to step in and offer excellent depth. Seeing how everything plays out following training camp will be interesting.


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