JUST IN: The Boston Celtics are prepared to part way with their key player before……..

The Boston Celtics have opted not to exercise Neemias Queta’s player option, thereby making him a free agent, as reported by Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe on Twitter. However, this decision does not necessarily mark the end of Queta’s tenure with the Celtics. Himmelsbach suggests that both sides may still consider negotiating a new contract.

Queta entered the NBA when he was selected by the Sacramento Kings with the 39th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft following his college career at Utah State. After two seasons with the Kings, Queta moved to the Celtics, which represented a significant phase in his professional journey. Standing at seven feet tall, Queta joined the championship-winning team and achieved career highs, averaging 5.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 0.8 blocks over 28 games. His performance earned him a transition from a two-way contract to a spot on the Celtics’ 15-man roster.

Despite these accomplishments, Queta played a limited role during the Celtics’ championship campaign, appearing briefly in just three games, indicating he was not a key part of the rotation during crucial moments.

The Celtics’ decision to decline Queta’s player option could be a strategic maneuver aimed at potentially restructuring his contract to benefit both the team and the player. This approach allows the Celtics to retain Queta while effectively managing their roster and salary cap.

Queta’s NBA journey has been marked by steady improvement. Drafted by the Kings, he diligently honed his skills and eventually seized an opportunity with the Celtics. His enhanced statistics in Boston underscore his progress and potential as a dependable player in the league. His elevation from a two-way contract to the main roster highlights both his hard work and the Celtics’ confidence in his abilities.

Now entering free agency, Queta has the opportunity to explore offers from other NBA teams interested in a promising seven-footer with demonstrated growth. Simultaneously, the Celtics can engage in negotiations to potentially bring Queta back under terms that align with their long-term plans.

In summary, while the Boston Celtics have declined Neemias Queta’s player option, signaling the end of his current stint with the team, there remains a possibility for his return. Both Queta and the Celtics stand to benefit from renegotiating a contract that acknowledges his contributions and potential. This decision marks a new phase in Queta’s NBA career, whether it continues in Boston or leads him to another team seeking a talented center.

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