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The Dream Shake isn’t just a community for Rockets fans; it’s a hub for NBA enthusiasts. Currently, one of the best resources for diving into the NBA offseason salary cap intricacies is Salary Swish, thanks to a new collaboration with SB Nation.

Through this partnership, fans can explore Salary Swish to gain insights into every aspect of the Rockets’ financial landscape and other team-building considerations. This includes detailed analyses of current salary structures, potential player extensions such as those for Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun, and various scenarios the team might face in the future.

The information provided is intended to serve as a living document, continuously updated to reflect ongoing developments as the team progresses. Make sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates on the Rockets’ financial situation!

For those who love delving into NBA salary cap details, this collaboration provides a wealth of data. The Rockets have benefited from past decisions aimed at creating flexibility, resulting in minimal dead weight on the roster and in terms of guaranteed salaries.

While I’m not a certified NBA cap expert, I’ve endeavored to provide accurate explanations. If any explanations seem incorrect or unclear, please let me know. I owe a debt of gratitude to Salary Swish, without whose data this endeavor would have been challenging.

As of the 2024-25 season, the NBA salary cap is set at $141 million, with the Rockets’ current cap hits totaling around $145 million. This places them slightly over the cap, but despite this, they rank last in terms of committed salary among NBA teams.

Looking ahead to 2024-25, the Rockets have approximately $109 million in guaranteed salaries. This figure rises to about $122 million with Steven Adams’ inclusion and accounting for the Disabled Player Exception slot. Additionally, there are cap holds for unrestricted and restricted free agents, influencing the team’s financial flexibility.

While decisions regarding free agents and extensions will impact their cap space, the Rockets are well-positioned to maneuver without breaching the luxury tax threshold. They have options to adjust their roster and potentially create additional cap room if necessary.

This flexibility allows the Rockets to operate as an under-the-cap team, utilize exceptions like the rookie scale and Mid-Level Room Exception, and explore various strategies to enhance their roster for the upcoming seasons.

For ongoing updates and detailed insights into the Rockets’ financial strategy, continue to check back as we keep this page current with the latest information from Salary Swish.

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