MANAGER ‘S REPORT:Houston Texans key player make a plan to renew his contact till……

  • The Houston Texans made a significant move by acquiring Stefon Diggs on April 3, which instantly propelled the team into championship contention. The trade involved exchanging draft picks, including a 2025 second-round pick, a 2024 sixth-round pick, and a 2025 fifth-round pick. With Diggs under contract for three more years, it seemed like a long-term investment for the Texans. However, in a surprising turn of events, the team voided the remaining three years of his contract within 24 hours of his arrival. This decision potentially makes Diggs a one-year rental, and his pending free agency may become a significant storyline when training camp begins on July 18.


On the Locked On Texans podcast, Coty M. Davis and John Hickman discussed the crucial factors that will determine Diggs’ future with the franchise beyond the 2024 season. Diggs emphasized his passion for winning, stating that he has been chasing a Super Bowl since entering the league. While he expressed belief in the team and quarterback C.J. Stroud, his focus remains on winning, and he prioritizes consistency and effort over long-term commitments.


Diggs’ comments suggest that he is taking a one-step-at-a-time approach, focusing on the present season rather than jumping ahead to future contracts or championships. His mindset aligns with the team’s goals, as the Texans aim to make a deep playoff run in the upcoming season. The voiding of his contract adds pressure to perform and creates an intriguing storyline for the 2024 season, as Diggs’ future with the Texans hangs in the balance.


The Texans’ decision to void Diggs’ contract may have been strategic, allowing them to reassess their options after the 2024 season. It also puts pressure on both parties to perform and negotiate a new deal that suits both the team and the player. As training camp approaches, the situation will be closely watched, and the outcome will significantly impact the Texans’ future in the NFL.

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