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As time passes, everyone eventually moves on, a fact that might not surprise older readers when considering the emergence of young talent in the NFL, particularly within the Houston Texans. Pro Football Focus recently unveiled an intriguing new roster: the All-2000s NFL Team. However, contrary to expectations of names like Andre Johnson or Brian Urlacher, this list features a unique twist—it comprises players born in the 2000s, a fact that may evoke a sense of aging in those familiar with the earlier stars of the league.

Among these youthful standouts, the Houston Texans are represented by three notable players. Leading this squad at quarterback is C.J. Stroud, hailing from Ohio State, born in October 2001—an era when some may recall their own high school beginnings. Stroud, recognized as one of the premier young quarterbacks in the NFL today, especially among those aged 25 and younger, embodies the future of the position with his talent and promise.

C.J. Stroud isn't the best player on the Houston Texans according to new Top  100 list

But Stroud isn’t alone from the Texans in this groundbreaking lineup. Also featured is Will Anderson Jr., a contemporary of Stroud from the 2023 NFL Draft, born just a month earlier in September 2001. Like Stroud, Anderson has swiftly established himself as a standout player, emphasizing the Texans’ depth in rising stars.

Completing the trio is Derek Stingley Jr., drafted in 2022, making him the eldest among the three despite his birth in July 2001. Stingley’s presence on the All-2000s roster underscores his status as a pivotal figure in the league’s defensive ranks, showcasing the Texans’ knack for nurturing top-tier talent.

The Texans’ cultivation of these exceptional young athletes highlights their position as a team to watch in the NFL’s evolving landscape. Each player’s trajectory promises ongoing growth and development, sparking anticipation about their potential future achievements and, perhaps one day, their induction into the revered Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In summary, the Houston Texans boast an impressive array of burgeoning stars, each poised to leave an indelible mark on the NFL. As these players continue to evolve, their journey promises to captivate fans and analysts alike, shaping the narrative of football’s next generation and ensuring the Texans remain at the forefront of the league’s competitive ethos.

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