BREAKING NEWS: 4 terrible Things the Toronto Maple Leafs face during trading…….

“Defense. Defense. Defense. It becomes monotonous. They seldom engage in exciting plays, and their significance often lies in preventing events rather than creating them. The Leafs also require forwards, and while they’re reportedly in discussions with Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi, those players represent last year’s choices. We crave fresh subjects for criticism when they don’t match Auston Matthews’ caliber.

At 34, Henrique has played for two NHL teams before joining the Oilers for a playoff push. His role as their third-line center is intriguing, especially considering their effective but now replaced shutdown line. Henrique possesses individual scoring ability, but his previous contract and reputation make him a pricey but competent third-line center. However, it seems unlikely the Leafs are looking in this direction.

Mantha presents an intriguing case of team and perception changes. Excelling at 25 in Detroit, he moved to Washington where his defensive impact waned amidst team challenges. Yet, at 29 in Vegas, he enjoyed a career-best season at both ends of the ice. The question remains whether his resurgence in Vegas was team-driven or a personal evolution. He’s a high-value acquisition despite lacking the ‘wow factor’ that often commands big contracts. Given their similar ages, Mantha edges out Bertuzzi in my view, although Bertuzzi’s known compatibility with Matthews and Tavares makes him a logical offensive choice for the Leafs.

Reviewing the list of pending UFAs, these three players rank fourth, fifth, and sixth in terms of salary expectations among forwards, all projected above $4 million by Evolving Hockey. Mantha and Bertuzzi, both of the same age, stand out. My preference leans towards Mantha, though Bertuzzi’s established synergy with top Leafs forwards makes him a safe offensive bet.

Wennberg has become a symbolic figure for Leafs fans, likely due to his standout season in Columbus back in 2017-2018. However, his performance has declined significantly since then. His recent role as the Rangers’ third-line center showcased his defensive strengths relative to his team, despite a decline in previous years with Seattle. Notably, Wennberg’s weak faceoff skills (46% success rate) stand out, crucial in defensive zone draws.

Toffoli’s predicament revolves around being underpaid at just over $4 million, seeking a raise likely starting with a six. Compared to Bertuzzi, Toffoli offers greater offensive zone impact, emphasizing possession metrics over shooting locations. The key difference lies in goal-scoring ability, where Toffoli’s track record suggests a higher likelihood of reaching 30 goals in a season. The Leafs, constrained by their roster choices like Marner, need to consider if they can accommodate Toffoli’s potential contributions amid financial constraints, especially if they part with Marner and his significant goal-scoring output.”

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