Great News: The Dallas Mavericks Have Just Announced the Historic Signing of Another Highly Talented and Experienced 5-Star Player From…



The Dallas Mavericks’ fanbase has a lot to be excited about this offseason, starting with the introduction of several new players.

One significant free agency move involved signing 3-and-D forward Naji Marshall. After the plan to re-sign Derrick Jones Jr. fell through, the team quickly brought in Marshall, who brings similar qualities to Jones. Marshall excels defensively and occasionally attacks the basket on offense. Additionally, he’s a proficient 3-point shooter, with a 38.7 percent accuracy last season.

The most notable acquisition was sharpshooter Klay Thompson. The Mavericks secured the former Warrior with a three-year contract after he chose Dallas over the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Mavericks must avoid extending Quentin Grimes’ contract before the season begins. Their first move this offseason was trading Tim Hardaway Jr. for Quentin Grimes, a necessary trade to offload Hardaway Jr.’s contract.

On the other side, Dallas has acquired a young guard with immense potential. Grimes has a career 3-point shooting average of 37.1 percent and a 42.8 percent field goal conversion rate. Known for his defensive skills, Grimes can challenge opponents with his quick feet and aggressive hands.

The team undoubtedly improved by acquiring Grimes, as his addition brought youth to the squad. However, the Mavericks should be cautious with Grimes. His injury history, particularly knee issues, has restricted him from playing full seasons. In his rookie year, Grimes managed just 46 games. He showed improvement in his second year, appearing in 71 games, but last season was inconsistent. He played 46 games for the New York Knicks and only six for the Detroit Pistons, suffering a right knee sprain in January and being sidelined in March due to related muscle soreness.

Another concern is Grimes’ upcoming restricted free agency next summer. Earning $4.2 million next season under his four-year $11.1 million contract with the Knicks from 2021, the Mavericks need to handle his situation carefully. Should Grimes perform well, he could command a significant new contract. However, offering him an extension before the season would be risky given his inability to stay healthy throughout his career. The Mavs must ensure Grimes fits well with the team before making any long-term commitments.

In summary, this year is crucial for Grimes. The key question is whether he can return to his former performance level.

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